Marshmallows & Machetes

Ida Divine

  • Release 2017
  • Genre R&B/Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop Soul

“Ida Divine proves to be wonderfully expressive and self-determined on her most recent assembling – a spiritually-heightened thesis with minimalist alt-soul touches entitled Marshmallows & Machetes. Touring even more esoteric lands in regards to her writing and production, Marshmallows & Machetes expands on the avant R&B loveliness that Divine displayed on 2015’s I Rise To The Top (HERE) and arrives at a place that is entirely majestic and magnetic – just like the lady herself. Standouts include a luminous aria called “Lemon Rose”, the strumming desert sand and Latin-flavored soul strutter called “Bruja”, a gazing-out-at-the-city-from-my-rooftop scene setter called “Babylon 80” (featuring super emcee Craig G), and my personal favorite – the ghostly sacred “Beloved Vashti”.”